How to style men’s casual shirts – Tips for looking sharp and relaxed

men's casual shirts

A casual shirt is an essential piece of clothing for most men. They’re comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear for different occasions. To look sharp and relaxed at the same time, you must style casual shirts correctly. An ill-fitting casual shirt makes you look sloppy and ruin your style. When selecting casual shirts, ensure you get the right fit. The shirt should skim your body without pulling or sagging. For a relaxed vibe, choose a slightly looser fit but ensure it isn’t overly baggy or boxy. Casual shirts that are well-fitted will maintain their structure without limiting your movements.

Opt for classic colors and patterns

The best way to create a sophisticated casual look is to stick to classic colors and minimal patterns. Light blue, white, gray, pink, and pale yellow oxford shirts never go out of style. Pair them with chinos or dark jeans. Small-scale checks and subtle stripes also work well. Avoid loud Hawaiian prints or neon colors unless you’re at a luau. Add a lightweight jacket on top of your casual shirt to sharpen your look. An unstructured blazer or Harrington jacket in a coordinating neutral tone gives you a relaxed but polished vibe. For cooler weather, try a casual corduroy jacket. Leave the jacket open rather than buttoning it up for a laidback look.

Roll up your sleeves 

For a sophisticated and effortless look while wearing a casual shirt, roll your sleeves up. Fold sleeves up to just below your elbows for an effortlessly cool style. This shows off your forearms and gives a casual edge to button-down shirts. Make sure the roll is even on both sleeves. A casual collared shirt paired with well-fitting dark rinse jeans creates a timeless look. Jeans in blue or black have a relaxed vibe. The contrast between the crisp shirt and dark denim makes your upper half pop. Cuff your jeans to show off leather boots or casual sneakers.

Choose versatile footwear

Complete your casual shirt outfit with versatile footwear. These shoes straddle the line between smart and casual. Make sure to keep your shoes clean and minimal for an elevated look. Dirty, beat-up shoes will downgrade your outfit. Accessories like sunglasses, a watch, a belt, and/or a hat add stylish finishing touches to casual shirts. Wayfarer-style sunglasses and a simple watch elevate the look. Add a canvas or leather weekend bag instead of a briefcase.

Keep jewelry minimal

Less is more when accessorizing casual shirts. Stick to one high-quality wristwatch, a simple bracelet, or a necklace with a minimalist pendant. Skip the heavy gold chains or diamond stud earrings that clash with the laidback aesthetic. Save those for formal occasions. Styling casual shirts is easy once you learn a few basic tips. Opt for the right fit, choose versatile colors and patterns, layer with a jacket, roll up your sleeves, and pair with dark denim. Finish with simple accessories like sunglasses, a watch, and sneakers or boots. The purpose of this Clothing Blog is to help you, so read now.